Can a hair oil treatment really help my oily scalp?

Can a hair oil treatment really help my oily scalp?

I struggle with oily hair, but won’t oil treatments make my hair even more oily? 

Actually, oil treatments can help you with your condition. If you suffer from oily hair it’s likely that the glands which produce sebum are out of balance. Over washing, strips your hair of its natural oils as it tends to make your sebaceous glads go into overdrive. Oiling your hair regularly, especially with oils tailored to your hair condition, can get things back into balance. As long as your oil treatment is properly washed, you won’t be left with oily strands.

Sebum is the oily secretion produced naturally by your scalp which keeps your hair hydrated and your cuticle nourished. However, frequent washing and exposure to dry shampoo, salt, chlorine and dust strip your hair of natural oils, which can leave your scalp dry, itchy, and flaky, and destabilises the production of sebum.

The application of natural oils will keep your scalp healthy. Regular oil massage can pamper your scalp and keep your hair lustrous.

Combining a nourishing base oil such as argan, coconut oil or ojon oil with a few drops of essential oil can further boost the efficiency of your oil treatment and tailor it to your hair type for further hair and scalp benefits as well as wellness benefits such as boosting energy and alleviating pain or stress.

Essential oils are the essences of plants that have a number of medicinal properties. There are essential oils for treating specific hair problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, premature greying and hair loss. They can improve blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles.

In case you have a scalp condition that precludes oiling your hair, you can still use essential oils after diluting them with aloe vera, herbal water, tea, or vinegar.

3 benefits you can get from a hair oil treatment

Stimulate hair growth

Your first line of defence when combatting hair loss should be to address the cause, whether it is by boosting circulation, fighting inflammation or adding moisture. The fantastic thing about oils is that they are 100% natural and can help with all of these things for you. It’s wise to try the natural option before resorting to harsh chemical treatments.
To stimulate growth, essentials oils such as rosemary and cedar wood can be used to help you minimise or prevent loss. Combined with nourishing base oils and massaged into the scalp will boost circulation and nourish your hair so that it grows, strong and shiny.

Eliminate dandruff

One of the common scalp concerns, dandruff, is a scalp disorder caused by the build-up of dead skin and in some cases, yeast or bacteria. It can also be caused by harsh ingredients in low quality product formulations which can leave your scalp red, itchy and scaly.

Essential oils like clary sage, lavender or tea tree will help you to combat dandruff and reduce itchiness and inflammation

Reduce stress and a sense of wellbeing

Head and scalp massage when getting an oil treatment can significantly decrease stress, increase circulation and boost your mood. Stress prevents the body from functioning properly and can result in premature hair loss. Massage, especially that of the scalp increases the production of serotonin, a chemical in your body that increases your mood and promotes a sense of wellbeing. Massage can be enhanced with the use of steam which is both relaxing and aids in providing a more nourishing treatment.

The best essential oils for hair

Lavender – promotes growth, anti bacterial, promotes relaxation
Rosemary – increases cellular metabolism, combats hair loss, combats dandruff
Chamomile - adds shine, soothes scalp, strengthen follicles
Cedar wood – increases circulation, reduces inflammation
Clary Sage – regulates oil production, relieves stress, antibacterial
Lemongrass – reduces dandruff, treats headaches, detoxifies
Peppermint – Soothes, invigorates, stimulates growth

There’s no doubt that using oils for your hair regularly can ensure your tresses are in optimum condition.


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