Can you truly repair split ends?

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Can you truly repair split ends? 

The answer is YES!

"My hairdresser told me that the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. He said that once the damage was done, it was irreversible. So which is it? I’m confused because, I see so many products advertised which claim to repair hair damage and fix split ends. Can any of these products really fix my split ends, or do I need to chop my them off?" Jacinta

Not exactly, over the counter products can help to improve the appearance of split ends but they are not a permanent fix. The ingredients which mask the split ends wash off when your hair is washed.

The truth is, that until recent developments in technology it was impossible to truly repair split ends. Thanks to hair repair science you are able to repair damaged hair.

If you ARE wanting to repair split ends split ends they can in fact be repaired with a professional treatment, but only very specific professional products will do the trick (and not the ones that you see advertised in magazines or on TV). Professional hair repair is like a miracle for damaged hair, including split ends, but it doesn't come cheap. Professional hair repair truly fixes split ends and other damage. Repairing the damage stops you from getting split ends in the future.

You might have guessed what the secret ingredient is with professional hair repair treatments: functional keratin. Hair is comprised of proteins, raw elements and amino acids of which 91% is keratin. When your hair is damaged it has lost a portion of the keratin protein which makes up its structure. Professional hair repair restores the lost keratin protein sealing it into the hair and forming a protective coat to lock in nutrients.

How does hair become damaged?

You’re probably aware of the things that can cause hair damage… Heat from styling implements like hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers… Chemicals in hair color and bleach, perms, relaxers, and harsh styling products… Friction from brushing, teasing, hair ties and rubbing against fabric, and things like hard water, swimming, the beach, washing too frequently, the list goes on.

Hair damage is essentially the degradation of the layers that make up your hair, but thankfully, now you can really fix it!

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