How to rock winter colour without it fading out

How to rock winter colour without it fading out

Beat winter blues with an enchanting winter hair colour. Whether it’s a cool teal, pink champagne, or scarlet. Whimsical shades will brighten any cloudy day. 

This look feels particularly fresh when paired with an edgy and minimalistic style. Unique tresses paired with monochromatic clothes and a neutral lip will give your look a modern and elegant touch. 

Thinking to try a bright colour for the first time? Having healthy hair is vital for long lasting colour. If your hair is damaged, the colour just won’t hold, and unless you are blessed with naturally white blonde hair you will need to lift your natural colour with bleach prior to your colour. The more vivid you want colour, the lighter you hair will need to be, so be sure a professional colourist manages your bleach and your colour.

Try to remember that when your colourist tells you it will take a few visits to get the shade you’ve got your heart set on, it’s only to ensure your hair is not damaged beyond what it can take. It can be challenging to get very dark hair light enough to take on a bright colour on the first try.
Cool colours such as blues and greys can be especially tricky as they only work well on hair which has been bleached to almost white. Unless your hair is very light you will see best results with warm champagne pinks, tangerine, or green tints.

If you’re just experimenting with a vivid tone for the first time you might be surprised to know that the colour tends to fade fast, but there are ways to extend its life.

Here are some expert tips from Janet Alissa – Master Colourist @ House of Terre a Mer, for how to keep our vivid colours vibrant

Three tips for making brights last:

  1. Avoid washing your hair!
    Limit washing to once a week. Though I know some clients who go once a fortnight even. To tie you over, you should definitely invest in dry shampoo, it will be your new best friend if you have a vivid or pastel tone. You’ll also want to avoid all types of swimming as pool and sea water will open up the cuticle and you can say goodbye to your colour.

  2. Stay away from heat
    Stay away from ironing, tongs, and protect your colour from the sun. All types of heat will cause fading, though blow drying your hair will cause significantly less fading than ironing. Now, when you do wash, make sure you wash with COLD water, that's right, COLD! Hot water will open the cuticle and you guessed it, out comes your colour.

  3. Avoid products with ingredients which will work against your colour
    Products which are not specifically for coloured hair and especially supermarket type products, can be very harsh on your hair. Any products containing sulphates, will open the cuticle leading to loss of pigment. Supermarket type products also tend to contain silicones which build up on your hair and make it more challenging to lighten.


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