Prescriptives - Essential Oil Blends (5 Custom Blends)

Everyone knows that natural oils and ingredients and are good for you on the inside. Did you know they can make a dramatic difference in the health of your hair and scalp too?

Terre a Mers custom-blended natural oils and extracts are especially tailored to your needs:

Prescriptives Hydration Blend (Hydrates the scalp and coats the hair to lock in the moisture)

Prescriptives  Strengthen Blend (Creates strong follicles and coats the hair for a stronger cuticle and cortex)

Prescriptives  Combat Dandruff Scalp Blend (Moistureses scalp and normalises dermal layer)

Prescriptives  Hair Loss Blend (Strengthen Scalp)

Prescriptives  Boost Growth Blend (Invigorates the follicle and scalp to promote healthy follicle and hair follicle seedlings)