Terre a Mer Keratin System - Starter Kit (Single Use Kit)

Terre a mer keratin system - starter kit
(single use kit)

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Terre a Mers Complete Keratin System Starter Kit Size Pack. It contains all Four Steps bundled together so that your salon has everything it needs to complete the keratin process.


  • Repairs extreme hair damage (Restores healthy hair)
  • Eliminates Frizzy Hair (reduces frizz for up to 4 - 6 months)
  • Natural hair straightening or hair smoothing. The flexible formula allows for a straight or natural wave that can be styled.
  • Seals damaged split ends and boost hair growth (avoid the scissors).
  • Shiny and soft hair. Hair that you cannot stop touching!
  • Treatment lasts 4-6 months

Intensive Rejuvenation Clarifying Shampoo (60ml)
Intensive Rejuvenation Keratin Treatment (125ml)
Intensive Rejuvenation Keratin Shampoo (60ml)
Intensive Rejuvenation Intensive Mask (60ml)

TUBE #1 Intensive Rejuvenation Clarifier is the industry-leading clarifying shampoo on the professional market. It deeply cleanses the cuticle removing any build-up from the hair and preparing the hair for the Terre a Mer Keratin Treatment. 

BOTTLE #2  Terre a Mer's industry-leading Keratin Treatment is the most advanced keratin in the industry. It was formulated to create perfect healthy hair and designed to be the ultimate professional keratin hair straightening experience.

TUBE #3  Intensive Rejuvenation Shampoo gently purifies your hair and scalp. This crucial step gently washes out the excess keratin protein left behind after blow waving and bonding / sealing the keratin amino formula into the hair with heat.

TUBE #4 During the final step, the Intensive Rejuvenation Mask is the perfect ending in the Terre a Mer Keratin system. It provides an infusion of moisture and hydration that is needed in the hair to balance the intense keratin protein.

This pack is designed to do one long thick-haired client or two short-haired clients.

1 PACK: $249.99 for each Starter Kit
2 PACK: $239.99 for each Starter Kit
3 PACK: $219.99 for each Starter Kit