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Intensive Rejuvenation FAQ's

What is intensive rejuvenation?

Intensive rejuvenation is Infused with nano particles of keratin. Keratin is a naturally occuring protein which in its concentrated state forms hair, skin and nails. Coupled with a combination of specific amino acids and glyoxyl carbocystine, the keratin penetrates into the hair shaft to completely restore the hair from the core out, resulting in relaxed hair which is in ultimate condition. It acts as a protective barrier, completely doing away with frizz, eliminating split ends and protecting the hair against the damaging effects of natural exposure. It leaves hair silky, smooth, shiny and incredibly luxurious.

Is intensive rejuvenation right for me?

If you desire the convenience of easy to wear, healthy, straight hair or want to grow your hair, then the Intensive rejuvenation treatment is ideal for you. The new treatment by Australia’s natural hair therapy experts, transforms even the most hard to manage hair into hair which is incredibly healthy, silky and straight.

Is intensive rejuvenation a straightener?

The intensive rejuvenation keratin treatment repairs and restores your hair with a combination of keratin amino acids and high performance ingredients, leaving your hair smooth and straight. It’s not a chemical straightener though one of the effects is that it straightens curl. If your hair is curly it will eventually return to its natural state as the treatment gradually wears off.

What result can I expect for my hair type?

Coarse and very damaged Hair will provide the most dramatic results but the treatment will smooth and improve the quality of all hair types. Curl will be straightened, frizz will be eliminated, damage will be repaired and your will have healthy, easy to manage beautiful hair. Extremely tight curl If you have very curly hair you will experience a reduction in curl and a significant improvement in its texture. Following the treatment you will have a perfectly straight result by applying just a little heat with a hair dryer. Your hair will retain its natural bounce and with every subsequent treatment your hair will become straighter, silkier and more luxurious. Blondes You will enjoy significant improvements in your hair texture especially if you have suffered chemical damage from bleaching. Intensive rejuvenation has the power to repair damage caused by bleaching and lightening helping to restore your hair health. Your hair will be stronger and fortified. As a blonde your hair is more prone to dryness which is why it’s imperative to care for your treatment with the pure hydration care range. Extremely resistant hair For extremely resistant, coarse or very porous hair types your results will be hair which is smooth, shiny, healthy and easy to manage. Though there may be some hair resistance during your first treatment, you will enjoy straight results after only a few treatments. Fine hair If you have fine hair you will experience more volume. Intensive rejuvenation supplements the keratin found naturally on your hair’s surface fortifying each strand so that it is thicker and stronger. Frizz and split ends will be banished and you will enjoy incredible shine.

Are all keratin treatments the same?

There have been many keratin treatments in the market. They use keratin as a main to improve the hair condition by restoring lost protein. Some parts of the application processes are similar and they tend to be a low PH. The differences between treatments are extensive, from the product origins, quality of ingredients, the technology used to bond the keratin to the hair, safety, the end results and the training and support which is given to clients. These are only some of the variations you will see among brands which feature a professional keratin treatment. It’s important to carefully select the brand of keratin you have applied on your hair as your health and the health of your hair depends on it.

Does it contain formaldehyde?

Terre a Mer’s intensive rejuvenation treatment does not contain formaldehyde or any ingredient that is a formaldehyde releaser, carcinogen or toxin. Formaldehyde is a controversial bonding agent found in many keratin treatments around the world. It is known to cause cancer and it’s use in keratin treatments prompted worldwide recalls. We are proud to be 100% formaldehyde FREE. Terre a Mer’s intensive rejuvenation keratin treatment is enriched with keratin, the hair’s main building block. Keratin is a protein that in its concentrated state forms hair, skin and nails. The large particles of the keratin molecule have been broken down into nano particles. Coupled with a combination of specific amino acids and glyoxyl carbocystine, the keratin penetrates into the hair shaft to completely restore the hair from the core out, resulting in relaxed hair which is in ultimate condition.

What guarentees are there that it is safe?

To provide our clients with proof that our keratin treatment meets safety standards, we have conducted testing with TGA certified Australian labs. In addition, our intensive rejuvenation keratin treatment meets FDA and European regulation standards. We guarantee our product quality and performance.

How long does it last?

Your results may last up to four months before they start to gradually wear off. By following up with the recommended hair maintenance plan and the use of the recommended after care products your treatment will prolong the life of your treatment. Lifestyle activities such as regular swimming at the pool or beach, exposure to sun and your hair’s individual structure may affect its longevity.

How can I be sure it will work for my hair?

Terre a Mer clients are testimony to the fact that the keratin treatment works just how we promise it does. You need only to look at the testimonials on ours and our stockists Facebook pages to see what clients are saying today. During our special events.

Can I get colour on the same day?

We recommend that colour and the treatment are completed during the same visit. Any bleaching or lightening must take place before the keratin treatment process. Never after.

Do I need to wait 48 hours before styling?

There is no down time after the intensive rejuvenation treatment. You may style your hair how you like and have no restrictions. You will be so happy with the results that you might just dance in the rain. Enjoy your frizz free hair right away!

How do I maintain my healthy hair?

Terre a Mer’s complete range of after care products will prolong the life of your treatment and make sure you enjoy the best possible results. It is important to pay special attention to your natural hair type as the after care products recommend for you will help them counteract your hair’s natural tendencies and protect against the elements. Pure hydration provides intense moisturizing for hair that is coarse and dry due to environmental factors and over styling. It is enriched with Argan oil and amino acids to quench the hair’s thirst for nourishment and moisture. Your hair will be luxuriously soft and shiny.

How intensive rejuvenation can improve your lifestyle

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