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Terre a Mer Hair Repair Experts

Using science to restore health back into hair

Everyone suffers from some degree of hair damage due to exposure to environmental conditions, chemicals or excessive heat.

Formula enriched with keratin amino acids, peptides and phospholipids (the hair’s main building blocks).

Combined with glyoxyloyl
carbocysteine, the nutrient rich formula penetrates from the cuticle through to the cortex.

Replacing lost keratin and proteins in the hair.

Repairing each hair fibre from the inside out.

Thermal sealing of the nutrient rich molecules into the hair forms a long lasting protective layer.

The once thirsty and dry hair strand is now rejuvenated, healthy and lustrous, able to retain moisture.

The only treatment backed by science

Ready to transform your hair?


Australian owned

Formaldehyde free

Tested in TGA certified labs


"I highly reccommend the Terre a Mer Keratin Treatment. It has transformed my life. I used to struggle a lot with my hair and now it's so easy to style in the mornings. I now have shiny and straight hair like I always dreamed of." - Melinda

Hair, skin and nails are made up of a protein called Keratin. Cosmetic chemists break down keratin into their separate amino acids and polypeptides. These organic compounds make up the keratin in your hair.

Enriched with keratin, the hair’s main building block, Terre a Mer Keratin Formula repairs damaged sections and inconsistensies in the hair shaft and replaces lost keratin components and nutrients in the hair cuticle, bonding it to the hair with our specialised sealing process. The keratin penetrates the hair shaft to completely repair the hair from the core out, resulting in straight silky hair which is in perfect health.

The keratin and nutrient rich protective barrier eliminates frizz, split ends and protects the hair against further damage. It leaves hair silky, smooth and incredibly luxurious all while keeping your hair true to its natural structure. If you have curly hair you can choose a straight finish or for it to keep its natural bounce.

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