What is the difference between a Keratin Treatment and Nanoplasty?

What is the difference between a Keratin Treatment and Nanoplasty?

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 Scenario: You walk into a salon and ask, “Can you straighten or smoothen my hair?” The salon owner goes, yes, we use a Nanoplasty.

You have no idea what that is. You know what Keratin is but now there is Nanoplasty?

Some brands say that Nanoplasty is better than Keratin.

They say things like It doesn’t damage the hair”, “You don’t need to leave it for 3 days” or It’s formaldehyde free” or “It uses more organic ingredients.” ps: Does organic even help or is any better? Thats the purpose of another blog article!

Wait, what?….don't all these Nanoplasty benefits just mentioned sound like the lovely Keratin treatment you know and love?

Sadly some don't know or wish to try an seperate their products from others but with slight misinformation angle. Don't worry we are here to help!

We come at this from a manufacturers point of view having been with cosmetic chemists and labs that formulate many different formulas.

Here is the scoop…are you ready? 

Here is our manufacturers No Fluff, TLDR (too long didn't read) summary to help you choose and understand:

1. Some brands are re marketing or repackaging of Keratin into something new and fresh with a new name. They want to convince you into trying something new and it is, slightly from what you are use to. Who isn't interested in the NEW on the formula and website. New must be better right?
(Insider info: some brands use the same keratin product, use same bottle but just change the to a different name, and no we are not mentioning any here)
2. There are actual formula changes by adding Plexs which are nanomolecular particles in the ingredients, Collagen compounds and other proteins and ingredients other and replacing keratin amino acids with other ingredients.
3. Changes in application of the product changes due to the ingredients. Due to the difference in formula, stylist will have difference in the application.

Both Keratin Treatments and Nanoplasty are hair treatments with the same goal. They are formulated to seal the hair, eliminate frizz, smooth or straighten it, and improve hair health.
They really are two peas from the same pod.

We cannot talk about other brands but we can give you an update on what Terre a Mers approach to this is.

Here are our key differences & similarities.


  1. Different core-based ingredients: Terre a Mers Keratin uses a concentrated amino-acid formula extracted and formulated from premium sheep wool, which is known to mimic the protein in human hair.
    Terre a Mer Nanoplasty uses silk proteins and collagen compounds to fill the hair and increases nanoparticles to penetrate a smoothen/straighten the hair.
  2. A different processing technique is used. Terre a Mer Premium Keratin is not washed out of the hair but left to absorb and seal in.
    Terre a Mer’s Nanoplasty uses nanoparticles of silk and collagen, which, once absorbed, can be washed out, and the remaining treatment can be sealed into the hair.
  3. Better for chemically treated hair. Nanoplasty uses a different technology with its nanoparticles, which can make it better suited for bleached and chemically damaged hair because it can reach and attempt to repair the bonds inside. Keratin treatment can be better for virgin hair that needs to be sealed and can have a better straightening effect.
  4. Differences how long it lasts: Because Keratin is not washed out of the hair it can last longer on certain types of hair.
  5. How long it takes to get the treatments: Keratin can take slightly longer due to the moisture that is needed to be reinfused at the end of the treatment after keratin protein has been sealed in and can take up 30 minutes longer during the service.


  1. Straightening and smoothing the hair: Both treatments aim to straighten and smoothen the hair using the highest concentrations of organic straightening ingredients: Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine and Glyoxylic Acid.
  2. Eliminating frizz: Because they use sealing and straightening agents and fill the gaps to remove porosity in the hair, they both eliminate frizz on humid days.
  3. Repair and make hair healthier: Both treatments make hair healthier in different ways. Keratin treatment restores lost keratin and broken keratin, giving it extra strength, whereas Nanoplasty uses nanoparticles with collagen to help restore the hair's microfibril and elastin to promote hair’s health.
  4. Both formulas are Formaldehyde and Nasty-free: These class-leading treatments use the safest and highest-performing formula to achieve outstanding results.
  5. Both are zero down time treatments: There is no downtime and no need to wait 3 days for both the keratin and nanoplasty treatments at Terre a Mer.

Choosing the Right Treatment: Keratin vs. Nanoplasty

Deciding between a Keratin Treatment and Nanoplasty ultimately depends on your hair type and needs. Every individual's hair is unique, and the effectiveness of each treatment can vary. Consulting a trained hair expert is crucial, as they can assess your hair and recommend the best option.

General Guidelines:

Keratin Treatment: This treatment is ideal for virgin or minimally chemically damaged hair. It helps straighten and smooth hair, reducing frizz and improving manageability.

Nanoplasty can be best suited for chemically treated hair, such as bleached or relaxed hair. It provides deep conditioning and strengthens hair, making it healthier and shinier.

Terre a Mer offers both Premium Keratin Treatment and Nanoplasty Treatment.

Consult a Terre a Mer professional to determine which treatment will work best for your hair’s specific condition and needs.

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