What is the Keratin Treatment?

What is the Keratin Treatment?

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You have heard it from your hairstylist, friends or family to get a ‘keratin treatment’ but you have no idea what it is, what it does and if it is the right treatment to choose. Is dangerous for your health? How can I pick the right treatment? If you ask any of these questions, this article is for you.


  • What is Keratin Treatment, and why is it important?
  • How does it work? 
  • Keratin Formulas and their importance.
  • What are the benefits?
  • Is it worth the investment?
  • How to pick the right treatment.               

WHAT IS KERATIN AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?Keratin is a hard and structural protein that your body uses to grow hair, skin and nails. Your hair is composed of up 95% keratin and 5% moisture. Once your hair leaves the follicle on your head, your hair continues to grow, but the existing hair does not get any more keratin to rebuild damaged hair.

This is why the keratin treatment is incredible. It is one of the unique treatments that uniquely uses what we term as ‘liquid keratin’ to repair and restore your hairs damaged keratin. It does this by using keratin peptide amino acids instead of using other chemicals to treat hair. Other treatments use oils, serums and a variety of different ingredients and formulations, but keratin is the authentic approach.

The keratin treatment is a chemical process, usually done by a trained hairstylist that straightens or smooths, eliminates frizz, repairs hair damage and adds tremendous shine. Results are semi-permanent and can last up to six months on most hair types. 

HOW DOES IT WORK? The keratin treatment works by using a formulated keratin amino acid solution to totally cover the hair shaft. The peptide amino acids use peptide bonding to repair deeply within the cortex of the hair. 

It coats the entirety of the hair also by fills in the porous gaps within the hair shaft. Once filled and bonded, the hair shaft is then completely sealed so that the repair protein is locked in and hair becomes stronger, more elastic and healthier.

This is different from a re-bonding chemical treatment which uses an alkaline solution to swell the cuticle and break the cystine bond structure and crystalizes it straight. For more information on chemical straightening, click here.


Every brand has its own ingredients and formulations (how it is mixed together) and they are all very different. That is why it is common that when a client finds a keratin treatment that works for them, they are likely to stick to that brand for a long time. 

Most keratin treatments use some version broken down amino acids combined with a bonding agent in their formula. For example, here at Terre a Mer they use the latest in Keratin Amino Acids with Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine and shea butter in the unique formulation we believe gets the best results. Other brands use their own versions such as collagen and silk amino acids with other alternative bonding agents.  

Beware of the toxic chemical Formaldehyde. Some brands, particularly the overseas brands use this as their bonding agent. Formaldehyde is dangerous should be avoided. Ask your hairdresser about the formula they use and how they know if the formula does not contain formaldehyde. If you have to leave your hair for 24 to 48 hours then it most likely contains formaldehyde in the formula.

Terre a Mers formula is proudly formaldehyde free and has be tested in Australian TGA certified labs for your peace of mind :)

Ultimately you need both the formula and the correct technical process (technique) for the desired keratin treatment result. You can get a treatment with a good formula, but with poor technique, you won’t get the desired result. Since all formulations are different, you could also apply the correct process but get a poor outcome.

PRO TIP: They key is you need both. A great keratin formula & specialised techniques.

HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT TREATMENT?The most important aspect you should worry about is the end result you want for your hair. Whether you like it straight, frizz-free, chemically safe product it will be based on the quality of the product used by the salon and also the experience of the stylist or technician doing your hair.

Keratin treatments are all made differently can have many different formulas and different processes, so it’s essential to understand what is being done to your hair and why at each stage.

Terre a Mer has formulated its own professional keratin treatment and has done thousands of successful keratin treatments. We have our own techniques that guarantee success and can speak with some Authority.

WATCH OUT:Some salons advertise keratin treatments but don’t do use a keratin treatment when they do the service. They will use something that they like or that they think is better for their clients which can be one of several treatments that act like keratin but is not specifically a keratin treatment. 

For example, some may even use a chemical straightening, relaxer or other bonding solution instead. Our expert opinion is to inquire and double-check the bottle and the ingredients on the actual products if unsure. The hairdresser should openly show you what they are using at each stage. If they do not, it can be a red flag.


  1. Straight hair (with no harsh chemicals used)
  2. Eliminates frizz and leaves hair silky soft.
  3. Leaves hair shiny and strong.
  4. Reduces breakage and encourages hair growth
  5. More manageable hair, softens hairs natural waves
  6. Hair can be washed and styles the same day of the treatment.


  1. Your colour may be affected by the Keratins low pH and the heat applied. A trained technician can avoid much of the effects.
  2. Product may leave a keratin odour for the hair for the first few days whilst your hair normalizes.


Your hair is unique right? You have specific hair goals that you want to achieve, and you have different problems to deal with when it comes to your hair. 

At Terre a Mer we understand that. The hair repair experts (it’s what we call all our certified technicians) are trained to deliver a unique experience for you. How do we do this?

We take the time during the consultation and during the treatment to get the results we promise. We do not rush the process as we want your experience to be delivered.

Every woman’s hair is different, and all tresses have their unique needs. You have other requirements to most of your friends, right? Each of our Hair Repair Experts at Terre a Mer is trained in the techniques needed to deliver the best results. 

1 - Repair hair damage to rescue hair. 

2 - Delivery a keratin straightening treatment 

3 - Transform hard to manage hair into frizz-free, easy to wear hair.

In the end, the choice is yours! Almost every salon offers a different brand. At Terre a Mer we understand the result people want and we aim to deliver that expectation every time.

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