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Common Questions

Terre a Mer has its own salon which we call a Hair Repair Centre.

It's where our Founder and Expert Trainer Sandra trains all professionals on the keratin treatment, hair repair, hair straightening and hair transformation. 

It is also the home were we invented many of our signature techniques for straightening, hair damage repair and restoration and prescriptive hydration treatment.

We are experts in keratin treatments and this is where we work. If you come visit us, you are in safe hands.

Come in and say hi :)

Choosing Terre a Mers salon and hair repair centre you get the following guarantees:

1. You get guarantee happy hair. We will not promise something we cannot delivery so when you walk out of our salon you will get a 30day happy hair guarantee. Providing you are taking care of your hair with the right aftercare, we will give you peace of mind your hair will be the best in the next 30days post treatment.

2. Authentic Terre a Mer keratin product. Our product is manufactured by us and we know exactly what is in each bottle. By getting your treatment with us you will not get any cheap back of the internet keratin treatment.

3. It's a beautiful place to relax for hours. The centre is designed for comfort with its nature inspired design such as the bamboo cabinets, spotted gum flooring, petrified wood countertops, hanging gardens greenery and best salon equipment money can buy.

4. You can meet the team that was inspired to create this beautiful products and services. Sandra one of our Founders and Head hair repair expert is tome of knowledge and lovely person. Peter who is our business manager and can help with with the best value and Vivian who inspires everything Terre a Mer does to be beautiful.

The short answer is everything and anything.

Not all salons stock Terre a Mer and not all salons stock a reputable high performing treatment. When you come to Terre a Mer you can be guarantee to be getting the best.

Not all salons are experts in keratin treatments and technique. Here at Terre a Mer its all we do and what we specialise in. So no matter what your hair condition, we can handle it.