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Terre a Mer treatment has been proven on thousands (literally) heads of hair successfully, from afro curl to fine blonde hair. It works on almost any type of hair. If we can’t help you, we will let you know during the consultation. We provide a 30-day happy hair guarantee to clients that get the treatment for peace of mind.

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✅ Straighten all curl types

✅ Repair even the most damaged hair

✅ Incredible shine

✅ Frizz elimination

✅ Certified safe: formaldehyde free

✅ Lasts 4-6 months

Perfect hair every morning in less than 5 Minutes.

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There is ZERO downtime following the treatment. You can go out socially, back to work or to the gym and pool. Leave the salon with perfect hair.

Yes! Our combination of treatment and technique straightens your hair and also repairs hair damage to make it healthier at the same time.
Our treatment uses a low pH amino acid formula to coat the hair tightly, sealing it closed to create a healthy straight look.

Keratin straightening operates differently from a chemical straightening service that straightens by  changing the internal structure of the hair and re-bonding it. The result for chemical or permanant hair straightening is that it damages your hair in the long term and event the short term.

The Terre a Mer Keratin treatment is not permanent and will last between 4-6 months.

For more information see our  keratin hair straightening page.

Our treatment repairs hair damage and makes hair healthier. It does not damage the hair.

Our combination of keratin treatment formulation and developed techniques repairs even the most badly damaged hair.

Your hair is made of keratin, and we are essentially applying liquid hair to repair your existing hair damage.


Our treatment uses actual keratin sulphur amino acids to rebuild your hair and fill in the porosity gaps and seal it shut to create fuller healthier hair.

Terre a Mer focuses exclusively on keratin straightening, keratin hair repair and hydration treatments for hair health.

Our experts are trained using our very own products and specially developed techniques to get the very best result. Our founder has probably done the most keratin treatments in Australia, so you are in the best hands.

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It depends on your hair. Everyone’s hair is different in terms of length, thickness, current damage and the volume.

Keratin Straightening / Hair Repair Treatment

Prices start at $450 for short hair come in for a free consultation with one of our experts.

Prescriptive Oil Treatment starts at $120 for short hair.

Be rest assured our formulation is the best and our experience is the best in the industry.

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Generally, you will get anywhere 4 to 6 months out of a single treatment. But it depends on previous damage, the thickness of hair and maintenance following the treatment. The best estimate is when you have your consultation with one of our experts.

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Our formulated treatment does NOT contain ANY formaldehyde in any form. It also doesn’t contain any other nasties. Our formula has been tested in 2 different Australia independent labs for your peace of mind.

The keratin treatment will only affect artificial colour due to its low pH natural formula. Any colour change can be corrected on the same day. Any lightening must be done strictly prior to the treatment as it can affect the keratin treatment.

The Terre a Mer keratin treatment contains no nasty for a typical child or adult, but no tests have been done on a pregnant woman, and we cannot provide a guarantee for its safety with unborn babies. We would recommend exercising caution asking your physician and choosing yourself as it is a personal one.

For starters, each brand has its unique formula, which drastically affects the outcome. Terre a Mer uses the latest science for a keratin treatment to help create healthy hair by repairing almost all hair damage types. Our formula also specialises in keratin straightening so that it can straighten coarse hair without harsh chemicals.

We also have our techniques that only our experts know to use. Everyone has different hair and want to achieve different results, and so we adjust the technique to reach your hair goals.

Terre a Mer uses its very own scientifically formulated professional keratin treatment.

The treatment is called ‘Intensive rejuvenation keratin treatment’ and was design to be the very best in the industry.

Intensive rejuvenation provides the highest level of hair repair, keratin hair straightening, frizz elimination and best shine on the hair industry.

We do not buy from any distributor but make our very own treatment so that we can guarantee the results for all our clients to get the results they expect.

The only treatment that comes with a happy hair guarantee :) 

We always recommend doing bleaching BEFORE the keratin treatment and colour/toning AFTER the keratin treatment.

Bleaching or any lifting strips the pigment from deep in the hair to remove the pigment/colour. High level peroxide is almost always use and that will change the hair so we always recommend bleaching before the keratin treatment.

A colour and toner should be done post/after the keratin treatment as that will sit on top of the keratin and can counter act and tone or colour changes.

After Keratin Treatment

It is essential to use the right shampoo and conditioner following one of our keratin treatments as you want to maintain your investment. We only recommend the Terre aftercare, which has been specifically formulated to maintain the treatment and balance it. They are sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide free and contains hydration and protein to balance your hair. Take the best aftercare from our online store. Free Shipping.

Using the shampoo, conditioner, and other aftercare from Terre a Mer is essential. We also highly recommend getting a Terre a Mer Prescriptives Hydration Treatment once every four weeks.

The hydration treatments help treat your scalp by adding additional hydration to your hair and managing scalp health.

Any bleaching causing your hair to go lighter such as foils must be done before Terre a Mers keratin treatment. This rule is fundamental to follow as not to cause damage to the treatment.

You can colour your hair (depositing colour) on the same day but we do recommend 24 to 48 hours for best results as your hair will absorb the colour more effectively.

You can use what ever you want but its not guaranteed that it won't affect your treatment. Why? Every other shampoo, conditioner or treatment has their own formulations which can reduce the life or damage your treatment. Use at your own risk.

We recommend Terre a Mers aftercare range which has been designed to make your hair healthy and ensure your treatment lasts.

Avoid products containing sodium chloride (salt) and sodium hydroxide. Before swimming in the ocean or pool, use our great lipid protector called Intensive Rescue Therapy to coat your hair before you get into the water to give it some protection.

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We recommend get the treatment every four months or three times a year. For individuals on a budget doing every 6 months is also a viable option. This ensures you get your healthiest hair and helps build on the previous treatment which maximises your investment.

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Besides healthier and or straighter hair, some clients with a sensitive scalp may find some temporary oiliness flake for the first week after the treatment. This can be temporary and normal. Your pH on your scalp is rebalancing, but you can help it by using one hydration mask on your scalp and hair.

If this happens to you and you want help managing it use our Terre a Mer Prescriptive hydration treatment which uses essential oils to rebalance your scalp issue of dandruff or excess oil.

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This can happen occasionally. Keratin is made from naturally extracting the amino acids from New Zealand sheep's wool, combined with high heat; the sulphur content can sometimes take a few washes to minimize and disappear. Do not worry, this is normal and will disappear.

Other Common Questions

The five things to know before getting a Keratin Treatment:

1. Your hair will feel healthier, shinier, softer and if you want straighter. It will also be frizz-free!

2. The keratin treatment is not permanent. It will slowly fade out of your hair over 4 and 8 months. It highly depends on the previous condition of your hair.

3. It is an investment and not just a set and forget treatment. You will be required to use the correct aftercare to keep the treatment from fading too early. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to pre protect your hair before you go swimming in the ocean or pool.

4. Bleaching your hair after the keratin treatment will strip the keratin out of it. All bleaching should be done before your keratin treatment to protect its investment.

5. You will be more confident than ever with a Terre a Mer treatment. People will ask about your hair and you won't be able to stop touching it. It is incredible!

The five things to know after getting a Keratin Treatment:

1. Ensure you are using the Terre a Mer aftercare to maintain the treatment. Terre a Mer offers balanced aftercare called Deep Fortifying and Pure Hydration. 

We also recommend the use of our complete care range to hydrate and protect the hair.

2Your hair will get healthier after each consecutive treatment. The treatment's unique effect in that you can dramatically restore your hair damage back to a hair health level before any bleaching or chemicals. Your hair will again be healthy, strong, shiny and soft.

3. Going swimming in the ocean or pool? Ensure you coat your hair with intensive rescue therapy, which uses phospholipid to cover the hair with a fatty layer to protect against chlorine and salt.

4. Need to save time on your hair? Our keratin is heat activated which dramatically reduces styling time to as little as 5 minutes on your hair. Simple use a blow dryer or flat iron and you will be ready in a jiffy.

5. Get the Terre a Mer Prescriptive Essential Oil treatments. This treatment helps treat your scalp and helps ensure that hydration is sealed within your hair to keep the hair balanced. Taking care of the scalp helps ensure new hair is being grown healthily and that current hair is locking in moisture.

A common question that is asked when all our clients get their consultation. If you answer any of these, then the Terre a Mer Signature Keratin Treatment can be perfect for your hair.

1. Do you want to repair your hair damage? The Terre a Mer signature Keratin treatment is one of the only hair treatments that repairs hair damage using actual hair protein. Our belief is in replacing hair with a protein your hair is actually made of... keratin!

2. Do you want to straighten your hair? There are many ways to straighten your hair, and they each have a different impact on the damage they cause to achieve the result. The keratin treatment allows your hair to go straight for up to 6 months without damaging your hair. It improves health while straightening.

3. Is having lustrous (shiny) hair vital to you? Our treatment makes your hair shine brilliantly. It is achieved by coating your hair in a keratin coating which reflects shine.

4. Is having Frizz-Free hair needed? If you live in a humid environment and your hair absorbs moisture, you need a reliable solution. The keratin treatment achieves this by sealing keratin around your hair cuticle so humidity can no longer penetrate. This achieves a frizz-free hair lifestyle.

5. Do you want to spend only 5 minutes or less on your hair every morning? Our treatment makes your hair so easy to manage but still look fantastic. With only 5 minutes and a small amount of heat, you can be out the door in minutes.