So you think your hair type is ‘too challenging’?

The Terre a Mer keratin straightening treatment will not only work

but will make you fall in love with your hair


Who’s in control, you or your hair?

Straighten for upto 6 months

... without harshchemicals.


No breakage. No risk. Just perfect, straight, healthy hair.

The choice is yours

The healthy way to straighten

while nourishing and repairing damage

Repair years of damage

Repair heat and styling damage which left
your hair dry, frizzy and prone to split ends

Banish FRIZZ

Silky smooth hair, rain hail or shine
You’re ready for anything

Save time

Professional straight
hair at home in only 5 mins

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*After Terre a Mer’s Intensive Rejuvenation Keratin Treatment

Keratin Straightening vs chemical straightening, Which is better?

Many clients ask our experts about the differences between keratin straightening and chemical straightening. Outlined here are the key reasons why Keratin is the most popular choice.

THE BENEFIT of keratin straightening is that it's the natural and healthy way to straighten your hair. Chemical straightening uses harsh chemicals and straightens through a process which breaks and re-arranges your hair's protein cysteine bonds in order to straighten your hair.

KEY DIFFERENCES: To straighten, Terre a Mer's Keratin Treatment coats the hair in liquid keratin, repairing
and nourishing each hair strand while straightening. Each keratin treatment builds on the previous treatment with your hair becoming progressively healthier with each each treatment. The opposite occurs with chemical straightening, which results in your hair becoming increasingly damaged with each chemical treatment. In this type of process, damage occurs to your
hair when the chemical process the breaks and restructures the bonds to achieve a straight look. Keratin straightening allows your hair to return to it's natural condition over time. As your curl will maintain its integrity, you can choose to wear your hair curly or straight. With chemical straightening you will have to wait to grow in new hair in order to return to a curly style.

How do I pick the right treatment?

With so many options out there, deciding which treatment is right for your hair can seem overwhelming. Here are our tips on picking the right treatment with confidence.

Consider what is most important to you: the health of your hair, long term effects on your curl, how long you want to spend on styling. It's important to note that Keratin straightening is the method which is gentlest on your hair.

Ask questions to the salon staff to examine their level of expertise. Are they experts in the product and straightening process? Have they been professionally trained? Professional products require the equivalent technical expertise.

Ask your stylist to see examples of the salon’s previous work on your type of hair. There is a difference between smoothing and straightening. Terre a Mer offers a Straightening treatment and not just a smoothing treatment.

Is it worth the investment?

How much is feeling beautiful and confident about your hair worth to you? Straight, healthy hair provides clients many lifetyle benefits that make Terre a Mer's Keratin Straightening treatment worth it. Starting from $450 these are just some of the benefits our clients enjoy daily:

TIME SAVER: Studies show that women can spend up to 45 minutes on their hair every morning. After the Terre a Mer treatment, you can achieve a salon-like professional look in only 5 minutes at home. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time.


Recent surveys show that curly haired clients can spend up to $250 per month on aftercare and styling products. Intensive Rejuvenation can replace all those products in one easy treatment.


The dramatic effects can be life changing and your beautiful, straight and healthy hair will get you noticed, be prepared for your hair to be the envy of all those around you.

Why choose Australia’s hair repair experts?

Thousands of satisfied curly haired clients and guaranteed results

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The healthiest straightening technology

Our formula repairs damage while
straightening, learn how it works

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Australia’s only hair repair centre

Have your hair straightened and transformed by Australia’s experts in hair repair

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Endorsed by Australian stylists

Trusted by leading stylists as Australia’s highest performing keratin straightening treatment

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Peace of mind

30 day satisfaction guaranteed for your treatment

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What Terre a Mer clients have to say...

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Anna Porras

Intensive Rejuvenation customer, VIC

There are no words to describe the joy and happiness this place inspire from the moment you walk in. Sandra and her team are very skilled and professional, keeping up the best customer service experienced in a while. They are careful at any time of your visit. The quality of treatments provided will make you walk out renewed from head to toe! I cannot stop recommending them m. Manicure and pedicure with Diana, hair treatments with Sandra and all the unique line of exclusive shampoos, creams and conditioners. They are wonderful! Plus the extraordinary team of stylists that can do an extreme makeover and do miracles with your hair! Five stars because they deserve it :)


Shia Jain

Intensive rejuvenation customer, VIC

I was a little hesitant to give keratin treatments another go after my not-so-great first experience a few years ago at another salon, which left my hair looking quite limp and resulted in a lot of hair fall. I decided to give Terre A Mer a chance after hearing glowing reviews and being assured that they didn’t use any of the nasty chemicals that a lot of other salons use for their keratin treatments.
I’m happy to report that the results have been outstanding!! I have long hair so the treatment took about 3 hours. Jane, who did my treatment, was very friendly and professional. After it was completed, my hair looked so much healthier, stronger, shinier and I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it.

A few weeks and a few washes later, my hair still looks amazing. Before the treatment, my hair was quite dry and frizzy, so I would spend time after every wash putting product in it and either straightening or curling it. Now I can just let my hair air dry after every wash, knowing it’ll look presentable without further styling.
Huge thanks to the Terre A Mer team – beautiful salon, lovely staff and great hair results, would definitely recommend to anyone!
Natural hair experts · Experienced stylists · Beautiful results · Professional hair products · Amazing results · Luxurious experience · Professional products · Nice décor


Laura Meaney

Intensive Rejuvenation straightening client

I'm blown away by the results of Terre a Mer! After a lifetime of battling frizzy unruly hair, I now have sleek straight hair which has a beautiful luminous shine and it literally feels like silk. The fact that I won't have to use a straightener or hair dryer will save so much time. The result is incredible and I thank the Terre A Mer team for their incredible service. You can tell they are so passionate about the treatment and the results speak for themselves. I can finally let my hair down so thank you!

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