Did you know that

everyone suffers from some form of hair

chemical damage | excessive heat | harsh products | hard water
What can you do about it?
repair hair



With the latest in hair repair technology
Terre a Mer's Hair Repair Experts promise
you the healthiest hair you've ever had.



Repair the 3 main causes of hair damage

Chemical Damage

Bleaching, perms, colour & harsh ingredients

Environmental Damage

See salt, hard water, chlorine, UV, pollution

Excessive Heat

Incorrect use of styling tools

Think your hair is beyond repair?

Our experts are specialists in restoration of
even the most extreme types of damage

before and after
Before & After
Before & After

What hair repair

can mean for your hair

Repairing split ends = longer healthier hair
Straight hair without the damage
Banishing frizz for good
Cutting your styling time to only 5 mins
Picture perfect hair, rain hail or shine
Each strand is repaired from the inside out

Our hair repair experts use the latest hair repair techniques along with

Terre a Mer’s Keratin enriched formula, to re-build your hair from the inside out.

Damaged Hair

Keratin Infusion

Keratin Fusion

Cuticle Rejuvenation

Split End Repair

Resulting in: healthy, shiny, beautiful hair

Everyone will notice your Terre a Mer hair make over
Did you know?

Keratin makes up

95% of your hair The other 5% is Moisture

When your hair is damaged, the keratin needs to be restored. Terre a Mer replaces lost keratin and dramatically improves your hair's texture.

Keratin can help

you grow your hair up to 2x longer

Hair grows faster when you don’t need to cut it. Repairing split ends allows you to go longer between trims, allowing your hair to grow faster.

Top Questions Answered

What are my options for repairing hair damage?

Depending on the level of damage and what you want for your hair, these are your options

Products to mask the damage

Hair masks deep treatments and serums can help to temporarily improve your hair's condition. Over time their cost adds up and they don't repair damage.

Professional keratin repair

Terre a Mer's keratin treatment uses scientifically engineered liquid keratin to transform damage. The only treatment that fully repairs, providing long lasting heathly hair.

A hair cut

The last resort for extremelly damaged hair. A hair cut will eliminate damaged ends but It's not the best solution if you want to grow your hair.

What should I look for when selecting a hair repair expert?

A high performance product requires a highly skilled expert

1 A qualified stylist will have extensive training in the science of hair repair

2 They will have different techniques which cater to your hair type and condition

3 They use an Australian certified keratin hair repair product backed by Australian safety standards (tested for Formaldehyde)

4 Your treatment comes with a Guarantee

Is it worth the investment?

Investing in your hair is ultimately your choice. Here are some of the benefits our client enjoy.

INCREASED CONFIDENCE: Knowing that every day will be a good hair day provides our clients with a great start to every morning. Our clients can be confident that no matter what the weather is doing and no matter they have on (whether business meetings, dancing or the gym) they will look their best. For our professional clientelle, effortless hair is a game changer.

SAVING TIME: Studies show that women can spend up to 45 minutes on their hair every morning. After the Terre a Mer treatment, our clients can achieve a salon-like professional look in just 5 minutes at home. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time.

SAVING MONEY: Recent surveys show that clients with damaged hair can spend up to $250 per month on at home aftercare and styling products to improve the look and texture of their hair, only to realise these solutions are only a temporary fix.

You don’t need to put up with hair damage. Would waking up to a great hair day every day would make your life better?


Why choose Australia’s hair repair experts?

Thousands of satisfied clients and guaranteed results

The healthiest damage repair technology
Terre a Mer’s revolutionary formula repairs
your hair while it straightens

Australia’s only hair repair centre
Where Terre a Mer’s Hair Repair Experts transform even the most damaged hair

Endorsed by stylists Australia wide
for Terre a Mer’s long lasting results
and natural formulation

Terre a Mer's hair repair centre
provides a guaranteed
30 days of satisfaction


1300 824 685
House of Terre a Mer
Level 3, 11-19 Bank Place
Melbourne CBD

What Terre a Mer clients have to say...

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Anna Porras

Intensive Rejuvenation customer, VIC

There are no words to describe the joy and happiness this place inspire from the moment you walk in. Sandra and her team are very skilled and professional, keeping up the best customer service experienced in a while. They are careful at any time of your visit. The quality of treatments provided will make you walk out renewed from head to toe!


Shia Jain

Intensive rejuvenation customer, VIC

I was a little hesitant to give keratin treatments another go after my not-so-great first experience a few years ago at another salon, which left my hair looking quite limp and resulted in a lot of hair fall. I decided to give Terre A Mer a chance after hearing glowing reviews and being assured that they didn’t use any of the nasty chemicals that a lot of other salons use for their keratin treatments.

I’m happy to report that the results have been outstanding!! I have long hair so the treatment took about 3 hours. Jane, who did my treatment, was very friendly and professional. After it was completed, my hair looked so much healthier, stronger, shinier and I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it.

A few weeks and a few washes later, my hair still looks amazing. Before the treatment, my hair was quite dry and frizzy, so I would spend time after every wash putting product in it and either straightening or curling it. Now I can just let my hair air dry after every wash, knowing it’ll look presentable without further styling.

Huge thanks to the Terre A Mer team – beautiful salon, lovely staff and great hair results, would definitely recommend to anyone!

Natural hair experts · Experienced stylists · Beautiful results · Professional hair products · Amazing results · Luxurious experience · Professional products · Nice décor


Laura Meaney

Tell your brand's story through video and images

I'm blown away by the results of Terre a Mer! After a lifetime of battling frizzy unruly hair, I now have sleek straight hair which has a beautiful luminous shine and it literally feels like silk. The fact that I won't have to use a straightener or hair dryer will save so much time. The result is incredible and I thank the Terre A Mer team for their incredible service. You can tell they are so passionate about the treatment and the results speak for themselves. I can finally let my hair down so thank you!