intensive rescue therapy ( 120 ml )

Intensive rescue therapy
( 120 ml )

For extremely dry hair + chemical/heat damaged hair.


Formulated aftercare to maintain professional keratin treatment.

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Intensive rescue therapy is a professional hair product designed to intensively infuse moisture molecules into the hair to revitalize hair and rescue it after exposing it to the elements.

Uses Macadamia Oil, Linseed Extract, Advanced Pure Keratin combined with next-generation Essential Phospholipids and Glycosphingolipids.


If your hair needs immediate moisture infusion, Intense rescue therapy most advanced technology to deliver moisture to where your hair needs it most.

This product restores elasticity (capability of the hair strand to stretch and return to its previous form without breaking)

Deeply infuses moisture to restore hair and deliver shiny healthy hair.

It does this by using phospholipid technology which uses nano molecules to deliver moisture deep into their hair cortex.

You should use this directly after activity at the beach, pool, intense activity, or when you have used heat tools one too many times.

Restores moisture and hydration immediately back to their hair.

Used in conjunction with Deep Fortifying and Pure Hydrating range



Macadamia Oil mimics hair sebum which intensely moisturises and nourishes both your hair and scalp. It contains a high nutrient base of calcium, iron and magnesium and also contains key acids

Such as antioxidant palmitoleic acid (omega 7). Truly a wonder oil.



Terre a Mer Keratin is the most advanced pure keratin protein. Sourced and extracted from the natural wool of New Zealand Sheep.

These tiny keratin proteins bind to severely damaged hair, rebuilding the internal structure and restoring strength, elasticity, and shine.

A must-use ingredient for healthy hair



High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids which provide nutrition to the hair follicle which can help restore dry, brittle hair.

Rich in protein and selenium which helps grow healthy shiny hair.

Vitamin E content provide nourishment and moisture the hair follicle and hair strand



Using the latest in phospholipid and glycosphinglipid Technology, which is used in advanced skin care, to penetrate the hairs cortex with moisture molecules to deeply hydrate and revitalize the hair

The Right Way to Use Intensive Rescue Therapy  

Use this treatment whenever you feel your hair is dry. Particularly useful following visits to the beach, pool, or intensive activity.

Indoor, having a shower?

1. Shampoo your hair.

2. Lather a small size amount of treatment in your palms and then work into your roots with a focus on ends. After you lathered it throughout your hair, Wrap a hot towel tightly around the hair with conditioner for 10-15minutes or if you have the time for 30minutes for increased effectiveness.

3. Rinse out all of the treatment

4. Rinse with warm water.

Visiting the Pool or Beach?

1. Pump out a palm-sized of the treatment and lather it throughout your hair before you enter the pool or beach.
The hydrating phospholipid and glycosphinglipid technology will help create a buffer and moisture barrier before entering the water and will help maintain your hair.